Useful Information

Turkey, situated at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, is surrounded by Bulgaria and Greece in the West, by Russia in the North, by Iran in the East and by Irak and Syria in the South. The coastline of Turkey's four seas amounts to more than 8400 km. The Aegean cost is linked to the Marmara Sea by the Dardanelles Strait which is also linked to the Black Sea by the Bosphorus Strait.


Climate differs considerably according to the regions. The Southern and Aegean Coasts have typically Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. In Central Anatolia summers are hot and dry, winters are cold. 

Along the Mediterrenean and Aegean coasts light cotton summer wear including shorts, pants, t-shirts are preferred during the spring and summer months. However, it is recommendable to take a sweater or a light jacket for cool evenings at high altitudes.

Entry Formalities

A valid passport and visa (for some countries) are required. 


Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is a real shopping paradise with authentic small shops selling various kinds of goods, jewellery, handicrafts, copper goods, leather cloths, hand wowen carpets etc.There are also interesting bazaars at Kuledibi, Cukurcuma and Uskudar districts.

Onyx: ashtrays, chess set (Cappadocia)
Antiques: books, jewellery, small statues (in all the country)
Copper: various kinds of objects (Grand Bazaar)
Leather: cloths, handbags (Grand Bazaar)
Jewellery: Jewellery Street at Grand Bazaar (Kuyumcular Caddesi)
Meerschaum pipes 'Lületaşı': with various shapes and paintings (Eskişehir, at the southeast of Bursa)
Carpets and kilims: in all the country
Silk: scarves with various colors and designs (Bursa)

Time Difference

Turkey is 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time during summer and 2 hours ahead during winter. Shops are open from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.. Grand Bazaar and Spice Market are closed on Sundays, however most of the shops around the Grand Bazaar are open till 6.30 p.m., Sundays and holidays inclusive. 


Service charges are included in most places, howewer tipping is customary and 5-10 % is advisable if you are satisfied with the service. There is no need to tip a taxi, however it would be convenient to round up the total fare.