Covid-19 Updates

Entrance to Turkey

  • Passengers departing from Brazil, South Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or India are required to submit a PCR test with negative result taken within maximum 72 hours before arrival to Turkey. Passengers on direct flights from Brazil, South Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or India and passengers who have been to these countries in the last 14 days shall be exempt from quarantine if they can document that they have been administered minimum two doses of any of the vaccines approved by WHO and the Ministry of Health of the Turkish Republic (single dose for Johnson and Johnson) and minimum 14 days have passed from the last dose. 
  • When entering Turkey from countries not included above, passengers will not be required to submit a negative PCR test result if they submit a document issued by the relevant country's official authorities stating that they have been vaccinated at least 14 days before entrance to Turkey and/or have had the disease and cured within the last 6 months. If they cannot submit a document they are required to submit a negative PCR test taken at the last 48 hours before arrival.
  • All passengers who will visit Turkey from 15 March on need to fill the form on https://register.health.gov.tr within the last 72 hours prior to their departure.  A private HES code will be created automatically by the given information.


  • No curfews.
  • All restrictions are lifted by 01 July.
  • Restaurants and cafés are open.
  • Museums and monuments are open.
  • Smoking in public spaces is banned.
  • Everyone is obliged to wear masks without exception in all areas.
  • Only passengers with a valid ticket are accepted inside the terminal of the airports. Arar Tours guide will meet the passenger outside the exit door.
  • Provinces are now divided into 4 different risk groups: low (blue), medium (yellow), high (orange), and very high (red) based on infection and vaccination rates.  To view the map, please visit the following page: https://covid19.saglik.gov.tr/ 

Safe Tourism

Tourism Promotion and Development Agency of Turkey gives detailed information on measures to be taken in regards to transportation and accommodation of all visitors who will visit the country. The Safe Tourism Certification info and the list of hotels and providers who obtained this certification can be found on the website: https://www.tga.gov.tr/home/

Our services

All services of Arar Tours are in accordance with Covid regulations.

Updated on 14 Nov 2021.